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Kate Dawkins

Kate is a multi-BAFTA-winning motion designer and creative director. With over 25 years of experience, turning pixels and projection into spectacular immersive events shows and live performances–entrancing global audiences.

She’s had the privilege of collaborating closely with world-class directors, producers, artists, and brands, such as BBC Studios for DCMS, Ministry of Defence, and The Platinum Jubilee Beacons to immersive experiences with Balich Wonder Shows, Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, and ceremonies like the London 2012 Olympics.

Her work is rooted in her passion for design, and Kate believes that collective moments of surprise and delight happen when balanced with the appropriate tools–whether emerging, current, traditional, or experimental technologies.

In 2015, Kate founded her self-named studio, which has grown from strength to strength. Using their unique and innovative visual storytelling to unite, inspire, and entertain audiences globally—captivating their hearts and inspiring their minds through meaningful visual storytelling.

Combining expertise, in-depth knowledge, art and design, and technology. The studios' mission is to tell the most compelling and significant stories, creating memories that live on forever.

Kate's Talk

Playing with light and dark

Working in the field of visuals arts, projection and digital media, Kate will be talking about her influences, passion for design, key moments such as projects for BBC Studios - Events, as well as her love for both analogue and digital processes, all wrapped up with the challenges associated with this kind of work.

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