Terms & Conditions


We are unable to provide refunds but are happy to transfer tickets before validation.

Transferring your ticket

We’re happy for you to transfer your registration to someone else, but you must let us know as soon as possible. Unless there are excellent or extraordinary reasons, we cannot accept the transfer of registration after 1st May 2023.

Diminished experience and event cancellation

All Flows takes out appropriate event insurance to help mitigate any unforeseen or unavoidable issues, cancellation of the event, or a reduced offering. Should any speakers international or otherwise, be unable to travel and fulfil their agreement with All Flows, we will aim to offer a conference and as much of the experience as possible, meaning no cancellation and no refunds. Should weather or transport issues prevent you from traveling, there will be no refund. Should the conference not go ahead in any form, we will do whatever we can to reimburse attendees to a satisfactory degree beyond our expenses and operating costs.


If you require a refund, or have transferred your registration, please contact us right away so that we can sort you out, and tidy up our register.

Photography, video and feedback

Once you register, you automatically give us your permission to use any photography or video taken on the day. We also reserve the right to use any event-related social media, quotes or feedback you might give in future material — fully credited of course.

Accessibility and privacy

We take your data very seriously. For further information about how we use the data we collect, please read our privacy policy.